What’s your favourite piece of kit?



Runners are creatures of habit and only so slightly superstitious……our race kit is so important to us. We have ‘fetishes’ – those indispensable, well-worn articles or bits of kit that come race day we can’t do without.

Well my indispensable bit of kit is not my highly sophisticated sports watch, or my lightweight shades ….it’s my RL skort ….my Raidlight skort.

What’s a skort? Well it’s a skirt/short and this one has it all. I first wore it on my 7-day run/trek on the GR20 in Corsica ….I was looking for something comfy, chafe-free, pretty much seamless and a drip dry garment as I was carrying a back-pack and wanted minimal weight.

It fulfilled all these criteria ….and it’s feminine. It features a shorts lining with stretch mesh pockets for tissues, gloves, gels, tampons and a lightweight breathable skirt outer.

So if you’re looking for the ideal garment for that multi-stage in the dessert or trek in the mountains ….this sexy piece of kit might just be the answer.


About niandicarmont

A Runner, Business Woman and fighter for Autism.
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