Comrades to host annual AIMS Congress

The AIMS World Congress is open to all affiliated member races and is staged biennially. The purpose of the Congress is to present a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and expertise to promote and improve the quality of member races and an opportunity to build relationships. 
The first AIMS World Congress was held in London in 1982 and the most recent in Prague in 2012.  AIMS World Congresses have also been hosted in Tokyo, Miami, Berlin, Manila, Melbourne, Rotterdam, Bangkok, Lisbon, Macau, Barcelona, Enschede, Kosice, Torino, Niagara Falls, Valencia, Xiamen, Sao Paulo and Athens.
The 20th World Congress is being hosted by the Comrades Marathon, in Durban South Africa and marks the historical occasion of the first time it will be staged on the African Continent, widely recognised as the home of the world’s greatest distance runners.

Guest speakers will include:

  • Blance Moila, an advocate of women’s participation in long-distance running
  • Tim Noakes author of the Lore of Running and who has published more than 450 scientific publications
  • Luis Felipe Posso, a top sport’s management agent
  • Elana Meyer, South African Olymic medallist 

For more information on the AIMS 20th World Congress:

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